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Sports Clinic NQ was founded to provide active people and athletes of any level or age group in North Queensland with high level care specific to their needs. It is a Townsville based primary care sports medicine clinic, meaning that no referral is necessary.


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The focus at Sports Clinic NQ is musculoskeletal, exercise, sports and preventative medicine.  Sports Clinic NQ is also an accredited ultrasound and injection service. This makes it the only primary care sports medicine centre with ultrasound facilities in Queensland. Injections such as cortisone, polidocanol, PRP, blood and prolotherapy can be performed without referral. Recreational and occupational / commercial dive medicals can also be performed.


Informed and educated decision making is vital to optimal health outcomes. During a consultation at SCNQ you will be given education regarding your injury or illness and options discussed. You will be given the necessary information to make your own decision about what treatment options you would like to pursue.


The primary purpose of this website is to act as a resource for patients seeking further information. Patient information is provided in a range of media formats.


Featured Blog Post:


Diet is an interesting topic which I usually avoid discussing if I can. Discussions can tend to be quite emotive and devolve in to arguments which support each position. In many instances it is adversarial in nature which is disappointing. From my perspective I will simply attempt to avoid any confrontational statements and keep this as impartial as one can.


There is no doubt that the Paleo (Paleolithic diet) (link to be included) and LCHF (low carbohydrate high fat diet) (link to be included) trends have improved the quality of lives on tens of thousands of people and moved mainstream science and dietary advice forward in many respects. Fat has never been evil and should never have been portrayed that way. It is good that people are no longer fearful of avocado and eggs. There have been some secondary benefits from this movement e.g. the debate on the role of statins in primary prevention of low risk groups is a major one. There is however no doubt in my mind that overzealous promotion, modification of the diets and vilification of certain nutrients has been a backward step in many respects.


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