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Sports Clinic NQ was founded to provide active people and athletes of any level or age group in North Queensland with high level care specific to their needs. It is a Townsville based primary care sports medicine clinic, meaning that no referral is necessary.


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The focus at Sports Clinic NQ is musculoskeletal, exercise, sports and preventative medicine.  Sports Clinic NQ is also an accredited ultrasound and injection service. This makes it the only primary care sports medicine centre with ultrasound facilities in Queensland. Injections such as cortisone can be performed without referral. Recreational and occupational / commercial dive medicals can also be performed.


Informed and educated decision making is vital to optimal health outcomes. During a consultation at SCNQ you will be given education regarding your injury or illness and options discussed. You will be given the necessary information to make your own decision about what treatment options you would like to pursue.


The primary purpose of this website is to act as a resource for patients seeking further information. Patient information is provided in a range of media formats.


Why your brain is the reason you need knee surgery!

Many sport injuries are caused by an athlete’s loss of protective mechanisms rather than due to trauma. Patients come to me often perplexed at how they suffered a serious ligament injury and say “no one even touched me”. The reality is that’s exactly how the vast majority of injuries occur. Watch this video compilation for some proof. Here you will see many season ending injuries requiring surgery, all occurring without any trauma.


A large muscular frame and definition is often sought after by many. You only need visit a gym to see the effort that goes into getting the right look. But when a muscle fails to support a joint and injury occurs the failure is usually not that the muscle wasn’t developed enough but was told to do the wrong thing by the brain. Studies have been done and shown that the average ankle sprain takes 0.08 seconds to occur. In 0.08 seconds your ankle is rotating at 1500 degrees per second. Similar studies have been done on the ACL. An ACL takes about 0.04 seconds to rupture and the ligament stretches about 9mm in this time before it fails. This means that the time for the body to recognise and react is extremely small possibly one or two hundredths of a second. Essentially you could have the “Dwayne the Rock” Johnson’s muscles but if they contract a hundredth of a second too late then it is too late and an injury occurs...

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