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Shoulder Pain - What Investigations Should You Order?

Dr Brendon Aubrey - Saturday, May 16, 2015
Shoulder pain – What Investigations Should You Order? By Dr Brendon Aubrey – Sport and Exercise Medicine Registrar One of the most common presentations in Sport and Exercise Medicine is the patient with shoulder pain. This is because shoulder pain affects people of all ages and activity levels, from elite athletes to sedentary individuals. Presentations vary from ac ..

Survival of the fittest

Chris Ball - Thursday, January 01, 2015
In 1859 Charles Darwin published his highly controversial work "On the origin of species" and shortly after, the phrase "survival of the fittest" was born. The term is used to describe intergenerational survival of traits better adapted to the environment. When used literally, in relation to an individual's longevity based on cardiorespiratory fitness, "survival of the fittest" takes on a whol ..

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